Calcined alumina are aluminium oxides, which are manufactured with the calcination of alumina or aluminiumhydroxide. Precise management of the calcination process and further mechanical treatment ensure that Mumtaz Co. offers high-quality products with the required properties.

The preparation of the input raw materials enables a diversification of products according to chemical properties. Various calcination stages are used to produce Calcined Aluminaproducts, which differ in terms of α-Al2O3 content, the size of primary crystals and the morphology of the material, which consequently leads to differences in the specific surface area of products. Grinding and separation techniques are used to ensure a broad range of final products with different distributions of particle sizes.


Refractory Materials

Its specific properties make alumina one of the most commonly used oxides in the refractory industry. It is a component part of various types of concrete, bricks, monolithic products, insulation materials and other products.



In the ceramics industry, calcined alumina is used as a product’s component and for the glaze. Due to their excellent insulation properties, special types of alumina with low alkali content are used in the manufacturing of electro ceramics.

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