History and modernity
Turkmenbashy oil refinery has been built for a very short time — from autumn 1942 to spring 1943.
A June 5, 1943, the first tons of Turkmen gasolinehad already received.
For more than half a century the plant produced multiple modernization of production facilities, and in the years of independence of Turkmenistan, the factory became the flagship of the oil and gas industry.
The oil refineries complex’s state consists of more than 400 talented engineers and managers, ensuring the smooth production of the products.


The Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries consists of modernized, high-performance production lines:

  • gasoline and kerosene from crude oil
  • installations for hydrotreatment of diesel fuel
  • catalytic reforming (CCR)
  • catalytic cracking (MSCC)
  • block allocation propylene (PRU)
  • installation of natural gas processing

Products and Production Capacity
The list of products of the plant is constantly updated andtoday includes such products as:

  • gasoline
  • aviation and technical kerosene
  • jet and diesel fuel
  • oil
  • lubricating oil
  • polypropylene
  • heating oil
  • gasoil
  • petroleum coke
  • liquefied natural gas
  • construction and road bitumen
  • sulfur

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