Mumtaz ltd. provides assistance to national and international customers for;
      •  Trading
      •  Management
      •  Market Research
      •  Logistics

Mumtaz ltd. is capable of tracing rare items with its high qualified and experienced team. We supply top quality products with on time delivery and competitive pricing to meet our clients’ needs.

Mumtaz ltd. provides its clients an extensive network of global contacts; consisting of reliable independent sources that assure high quality products and services.

Our team is dedicated to improve our clients performance. We operate primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems; developing solutions by management consulting.

Mumtaz ltd. provides consultancy for companies requiring research expertise. We offer our expertise to companies who require occasional, regular or even continuous assistance for market research to their own internal clients.

Mumtaz ltd. 's shipping consultant branch consists of experts to assure our clients' interests. Providing reliable expertise is critical when dealing with maritime law as well as major shipping deals. Furthermore, our shipping consultants are skilled in areas such as budget planning, cost analysis and cost savings.

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