It is our great pleasure to introduce our company, Momtaz ltd co. We are specialized medical equipment suppliers with a long history working primarily alongside ambulance services. With strong work ethics and professionalism, we are proud to offer the highest quality products, selection, and excellent customer service. We hope our professionally trained and experienced staff, wide range of products, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery will help you in your noble missions. Our staff are happy to address any inquires you may have.

Momtaz ltd. co. is part of a group of companies established in 2007. Our headquarters are located in Iran, with branches in Turkey, UAE, and Hungary with scheduled expansion into Iraq and Afghanistan. Our operations historically have been in the hospital and emergency fields. Our first customers were major hospital services in the Iran but we soon expanded to work with the healthcare company and the civil defense agencies across multiple countries. As we have grown we partnered with several entities which have allowed us to offer a wide variety of products including custom made items. Seeing a need in the market, we expanded our operations to include home care products, emergency department supplies, and pharmaceuticals.

 Career Opportunities

Description: careers-page.jpgAlpha Medical Equipment, Inc. (AME), is one of the fastest growing companies in the pre-hospital industry (fire/ems/law enforcement) with a strong desire to provide our customers with the best customer experience possible.

Momtaz ltd. co. , Inc. (AME), is a Family Owned/Midwest based national pre-hospital distributor that continually strives to be the leader in our industry. Our secret to our success is the TEAM of individuals associated with our organization.

Our Foundation

We know that to build a strong structure that will outlast our competition we need to have a strong foundation. Our foundation is found on Integrity, Honesty, and Service all of which, assists us in achieving our goals.

Interested in Joining our TEAM?

Do you have the customer service skills, sales skills and/or drive to succeed that our company may be interested in?

If so, please contact us at:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Our Team

 Momtaz ltd co., Inc. is made up with a staff of over 75 years of medical industry experience. We are proud to provide ‘feet-on-the-street’, inside sales, and an exceptional operations staff. Meet our staff:


  • To make a mark in our chosen area, by being ever abreast of new possibilities.
  •  To provide QUALITY healthcare products at AFFORDABLE prices.
  •  To satisfy our customers need& expectations.
  •  To make commitments we fully understand and believe we can meet.
  •  To create, innovate and produce excellence through a philosophy of uncompromising dedication at every level of function.
  •  To monitor, benchmark and continuously improve business, products and services.
  •  To respond creatively and competitively with professional service that raise the quality of life and thereby enriching the human society


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