Production capacity ‎

Presently, rated capacity of urea production (chemical fertilizer) in first and second phases of the ‎complex is near 2150000 tons per year which is mostly exportable and 1,360,000 tons of ‎ammonia per year. Of this amount of ammonia, near 150,000 tons are supplied as surplus of urea ‎production lines for sales and export.‎


Urea Product Specifications

Urea fertilizer 46.5% Nitrogen.

Biuret maximum limit 1%.

Moisture maximum 0.5%.

Particles size 2- 4.5 mm (90% minimum)

crushing strength 4 kg minimum.


International market

Helwan Fertilizers Company exports its products worldwide with a full commitment to contracts with international companies taking into consideration the highest level of the products' quality.

Urea Packing

Urea will be sold as a final product according to the customer demands from the local market of the world as follows:

Bulk quantities.

Bags of 50kg capacity.

Big Bags of 1000 kg, or 500 kg capacity.


Product warehousing and loading

Product warehousing, packaging and bag-filling facilities and the exportation jetty of the ‎complex are as follows:‎
Three ammonic storage tanks each with a capacity of 20,000 tons ‎
Three urea warehouses each with a capacity of 50,000 tons ‎
 Four urea bag-filling lines each with a capacity of 50 t/h, a total of 4,000 bags of 50 kg per ‎hour and ground platform for loading bagged urea products by truck
Conveyer gallery with a length of 1.6 km to transport urea products mostly in bulk from ‎warehouse to jetty ‎
Specialized jetty to export urea products with a capacity of 1200 t/h (in bulk) and/or 100 t/h ‎‎(packed in bags of 50 kg) by a telescopic moving arm for ship loading


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